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Puzon Wilderness Bowie (PWB-7)

Vic Lin

Sep 20, 2022

PWB-7 Ava liable at DLT trading soon

Inspiration for the Puzon Wilderness Bowie by Dave Puzon (Owner and funder of Positive Made LeatherCraft ). Inspiration for this blade came from many places, and I wanted something that would fit in on the hip of the Alamo defenders and your hip if you were out with the Dutch looking to save some hostages but run into the predator; the inspiration for it came from the bolo knife that was issued to the Filipino soldiers in ww2, Rambo, Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, and Jim Bowie. I wanted a blade that would help build a shelter, skin, butcher game, and fend off an attack, basically the knife of my childhood heroes, the one that the hero of the story would carry, the one that would help you get back home.

DLT: (

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