Nomad-Acid stone wash (SK85)

Nomad-Acid stone wash (SK85)

Nomad Design The Nomad was sketched out after a 2 week-long camping trip to the Sequoia National Forest back in 2012. The idea behind it is both wonderfully complicated and brilliantly simple at the same time. I wanted a knife that did what a Bowie is supposed to do historically. Chop like a hatchet, stab like a dagger and cut like a kitchen knife. So in many ways, the Nomad is just that, a big, wonderful “jack of all trades” knife that in my opinion does not suffer from some of the weaknesses associated with the traditional Bowie shape knife designs ie the more delicate tip, sometimes odd ergos and a guard to get in the way of finer jobs. So the tip was replaced with a traditional Tanto style, the guard becomes an integrated choil/guard for saving your hands in a hard stab and effectively reducing both the size of the usable blade and giving more control for finer detail work. Finally the handle, after years of working with Dark Timber Knives behind the scenes, all that ergonomic work we did on the Hooligan and Kodiak show up in this multiple position handle. Add to this package a forward cant with a long wide blade and you have a very capable large knife that looks like nothing else on the market.

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    Full tang

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