The C.U.M.A. KING DESTRUCTO is really just a redesigned, enhanced and completed version of the C.U.M.A. MONSTER CLEAVER, we just thought that calling it the C.U.M.A. MONSTER CLEAVER 2 was kind of boring.


The most important update is that the knife is more than just a DIY knife kit this time, it will ship completed with G10 scales, hardware, and a Kydex sheath.


The KING DESTRUCTO starts out with the same specs as the MONSTER CLEAVER and evolves from there.


The enhancements include new steel. Formerly The MONSTER CLEAVER was made out of 5160 HC steel. This time it will be made out of SK85.


The Stonewashed finish will be replaced with a Dark Sky finish.

And it will come complete with a sandwich-style Kydex sheath with a pair of malice clip made by Magforce Taiwan. 


You will notice a couple of extra grinds and an ergonomic enhancement on the grip, these come courtesy of Waysun Johnny Tsai's friend, custom knife maker  Anthony Paul Fewkes of Archangel Blades. 


Waysun Johnny Tsai had sent Anthony a Monster Cleaver to build a sheath for and Anthony decided to return his knife with a few slight changes. Liking these enhancements, these changes are now a part of this new release.

  • Specs

    Knife Type

    Fixed Blade-Cleaver

    Knife construction

    Full tang

    Overall Length


    Blade Length


    Cutting Edge